The Powerball Lotto is undoubtedly the biggest and baddest lottery on earth. Unless you live in the US, though there is simply no way you can take part in it. Unless...

What if there was a way? Guess what? THERE IS.

You don't have to be living in the US to win the Powerball at all. All you actually need is a valid ticket. You can be anywhere you like and if you hold the winning ticket you're the winner. It doesn't' matter at all where you're located. You could be in Nigeria. You could be living on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with no real address other than the next port you'll moor at. The only question is how do you get the ticket when they're only sold inside the US?

You can play the Powerball lotto from any corner of the globe by using this simple industry secret: there is a website called LotteryMaster, and they will buy the ticket for you. No fuss and no hassle. You log in, choose your numbers. None of that quick pick nonsense. And for a small fee, some shmoe in galoshes will run out to the local kiosk and buy the ticket you requested for you.

I can hear you shaking your head, but this is actually 110% LEGAL. Due to the nature of how lotteries work, you don't have to be the person buying the ticket. You only need to be the person who holds it. This means you can sit on your divan with your macbook pro in Marrakesh and buy your ticket and some dude will have to go fetch it for you. That's the power of the internet at work.

At this point you might be wondering how you get your hands on the ticket once it's bought. What happens is that the guy stateside who gets you your ticket quickly runs back to the office and scans the thing in to show you that he got it and then he locks it up in a safe box that no one but you will have access to.

This system is tried and true and is gaining popularity as we speak. Whereas right now it's an industry secret, it won't be for long and the odds of winning will get worse and worse the more people outside the US know they can get their hands on the Powerball Lotto ticket that's destined to win.


The thing about LotteryMaster is that it offers more than just the tickets to the Powerball Lotto. In fact you can play any of a wide variety of international lotteries directly from their site. It's like being a jet-set international lottery player, except you don't have to get up from the couch.

In addition to all the tickets you can get, you will have access to insider information such as numbers trends and other data that will help you form an educated guess as to which numbers are due to hit. It's all a numbers game and there's a system behind it. If you're good at cracking codes, LotteryMaster has the tools to help you win big.